Clan JACK Society

"criochnaich clod a thoisich thu"

Welcome to our website.
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Clan Jack Society Council
Image taken at 2015 Gathering
all very proud to be finally wearing the official ‘Jack’ Tartan apart from Jimmy (forgot to bring it)

Our gatherings are a great opportunity to meet with other Jack families, talk about your family history, see some magnificent parts of Scotland and get a real taste of some Scottish traditions. You are very welcome to join us. If you plan attending or have any questions about anything regarding this years gathering then please contact our Clan Chief John Jack.
If you require a Kilt, our Tartan is available through most major weavers like Scotsweb, see their link here. The link to the Scottish Register of Tartans showing our official Jack weave.
Clan JACK Society

2019 Gatherining

Date: April 5, 6, & 7, 2019
Moness Country Club
Location: Aberfeldy, Perthshire Scotland