Clan JACK Society

"criochnaich clod a thoisich thu"


At the 2012 Gathering the Council decided to allow John Jack to register his own design as the weave submitted by Ron Jack, USA was misplaced and could not be replicated.

John has since registered this with the necessary authorities. This Tartan will be weaved by Lochcarron see and anyone interested in purchasing this needs to contact John Jack, through this email link.

John recommends that you need no less than 9m per person. Present Cost (October 2013) for 10m is £255. John also needs these costs upfront, so you will also need to sort this out with John at the same time along with any associated freight costs.

Please support us and get that new Jack Tartan out there.

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Clan Jack Tartan

Jack Clan tartan
The digital colors wont be exactly as showen here when it is woven