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"criochnaich clod a thoisich thu"


Rather than minutes I will sumerize the weekend (from a New Zealanders first visit prospective) as follows

The Gathering of the Jack's - Castle Menzies - part of the Homecoming Scotland 2009
I departed the train at Pitlochry station to find John & his brother Colin Jack waiting for me, finally we meet after 12 months of correspondence. Straight away I was in trouble as I couldn't understand a word they were saying, pardon, what, pardon, ha-ha was about the size of my conversation as we travelled back to Weem, past JK Rowlings Killiechassie house on the banks of the Tay River, and onto Johns home, part of Castle Menzies (pronounced Mengis) John offered me the couch so I rang the Weem Hotel and cancelled my accommodation, this turned out to be a smart move, with not far to crash.

We sat and chatted and then went into Aberfeldy for a meal. It was funny to see the locals bring their dogs into the bar, but a great idea all the same. We headed back to the Castle and all had an early night, Friday was on us and we awaited the arrival of Jack's still unaware of how many would turn up, with many cancellations, tough times I guess.

We set up the old kitchen area of the castle, for the inaugural meeting, whisky, ice, snacks, whisky and waited, the first to arrive was Sid Jack, his wife, sister and daughter from Texas, USA. This was to be the only other country represented apart from myself from New Zealand. The remainder were from Scotland. The meeting got underway about 8pm lasting about 1 1/2hrs and attended by approx. 15.

I will round up a copy of the minutes from John and send out, but in short it was decided to continue with setting up a Jack Clan Society. The Jack Clan Council is be made up of those whom attended for a period of 12 months. Officers are as follows:

Clan Chief - William Jack
Chairman & Treasurer - Councillor Alan Jack
Secretary & Historian - John Jack
Web - Laura Jack & David Jack
USA Rep - Sid Jack
New Zealand Rep - David Jack
Gathering Organiser - John Jack & co-opt

Tartan – Ron Jack's (USA) submission adopted as the Clan Tartan (see above used in site header) with Michael Jack allowed a further 6 months to develop a hunting tartan taken from that adopted. John will look at Tartan registration.

A constitution is to be developed and is to be adopted at the 1st AGM which will form part of the 2010 gathering, during the last weekend of August. Venue Castle Menzies.

Arms – further investigation will be done as the grave of Thomas Jack Baron Bailie of Dunkeld under the Duke of Athole has been discovered in Dunkeld Cathedral . John & I visited this site and feel it may be possible that Thomas Jack held arms, if so an effort would be made to locate his Jack line.

Clan membership criteria will form part of the 2010 AGM

Saturday saw us take a short tour with the USA Jacks up the road to Fortingall, and a visit to St Mary's Kirk, Fortingall and the sacred Yew Tree claimed to be 2000-5000 years old. Inside the grave yard John called me over to a marker in the ground that was as old as time, where a Templar Knight was buried, 3 in total in this Kirk yard. We also found a Jack grave belonging too James Jack, Banker of Glasgow 1875-1942. see John & Sid Jack - Fortingall Church in the image below

John & Sid Jack - Fortingall Church
John & Sid Jack - Fortingall Church

We returned and all haste was made to set up for the evenings gathering and as the night progressed more and more arrived. I counted about 60 during the peak of the evening. Much singing, chatting and of course drinking was the theme of the night, a real great bunch who know how to party. Sunday morning saw a big clean up, haggis and black-pudding breakfast and sad fair wells. Then I was upstairs and back onto the couch to recover, never to have another whisky until next year, I hope.

David Jack
New Zealand

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Annual Gathering

This will be held every year in Scotland. The Annual location will be decided at previous gathering by Council.

The 2009 Jack Clan Society Gathering was hosted at:-

Castle Menzies
Perthshire, Scotland

Well done & many thanks to John Jack